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Fire Restoration 




The removal of stain from wood surfaces poses a difficult challenge. The traditional method used to remove stain is a combination of chemical solvents and pressure washing. This method of removal requires you to do exactly what you are trying to prevent. The injection of water into the wood surface to that is going to be re-coated with stain. This process requires the scheduling of the stripping process in a window that will allow time for the logs to dry out. The weather in New England it is often difficult to find the 5 – 10 day drying window that this process requires.

Homestead Blasting is an expert in interior and exterior log cabin restoration. The use of specialized blast pots and alternative glass bead blast media followed by the correct prep work will achieve the best and industry proven method for stain applications.

  • Sealing/Chinking

  • Repairs

  • Complete Interior and Exterior Restoration

  • Soot and Char cleanup

  • Order removal

  • Soda blasting

  • Mold removal

Log Cabin Services


Baking Soda Cleaning:
The use of baking soda as a cleaning medium was created during the Statue of Liberty Renovation from 1984 - 1986. The statue was scheduled to be re-dedicated on July 4, 1986. They needed a cleaning process that would quickly clean the interior of the statue while not damaging the metal structure. To fill this need the baking soda blasting equipment and process were developed.
Baking soda is ideal for removing soot and char. When used it has the added plus of neutralizing the soot and char odors. This is used on every house that has soot damage from a fire loss. You should always soda blast away the damage and much of the odor prior to sealing the house and putting it back together.

  • Blasting

  • Sanding

  • Staining

  • Caulking